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A Day In The Life...

Jan. 17th, 2011

08:27 pm - Blah!

 I am crabby tonight.  My throat has hurt like a mother f-er for 2 days, and it is not getting any better.  To make things worse, Mike's dad is back in the hospital.  I feel really bad.  What a crappy week, so far.

We watched "The Social Network" yesterday.  It was really good, but I am not convinced that it should have won all of those Golden Globes last night.  I am curious as to who the Oscar nominees will be.

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Nov. 13th, 2010

11:46 pm - Yum...

 I am so stuffed!  Mike and I went to Bravo with Hallie, Colleen, Ami & Brian, Ken & Sarah and Tony & Annie, and ate to our heart's content.  Much to the dismay of my tummy.  It needs pumped.  But it was good.  I love Italian food!  And since we were celebrating three birthdays (Hallie's, Colleen's and Mike's), we made sure to get desserts!  I got the pumpkin creme brulee...yummy!!!  

All this fine Italian food makes me long for our vacation next summer.  I have only been to Italy once, but it made such a lasting impression on me that I cannot wait to go back.  The food is amazing and so much better than American-Italian food, you can't even compare the two.  Of course, the scenery is beautiful, but the food is the star!

Along with Italy, we plan to go to Paris...although I am not crazy about French food, I cannot wait to try the wine!  And all of their pastries and breads.  OMG, I wish July would hurry up and get here already!!!

Anyway, I logged on to write about Molly, but the topic of food took over.

Molly is so adorable, but she is scared to death of our new neighbors.  That is to say, the two little boys.  She is not used to little people, and has not seen many in her nine short months on earth.  So every time she is outside and they come out, she barks and then plasters herself against the backdoor to come in.  Poor thing.  I think I should introduce Molly and the boys, and hopefully she won't be as scared when they are out playing in their backyard next time.  

My cold is breaking up, but I have this nagging cough setting in.  Hopefully it will be gone by Monday...I don't want to have it for work. Between me and the smokers, it will sound like the TB Ward on the 4th floor.  

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Sep. 25th, 2010

07:27 pm - Rest and Relaxation!

Mike, Molly and I have had a nice, quiet weekend so far.  We even turned down a last minute invite, and decided to make dinner at home.  We have been going non-stop since the wedding, and this is literally the first weekend where we have nothing planned.  It feels good!  And to make things better, our Broadway series season tickets came today-FINALLY!  I am super excited for this year's lineup!!!

So, today we got to watch football, make dinner together, and play with the pup.  Now it is time to choose a movie from the instant player and relax some more.  Life is good!

What should I do tomorrow?  Let's see...I guess I should do laundry, clean up the house and do some shopping. I have some homework for my writing class and some work to look at to prepare for the work week.  Let's see how much energy I'll have to actually get something done ;-)

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Sep. 5th, 2010

12:16 pm - Good Times!

Grant and Tina came up from Columbus yesterday to go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and MELT with us.  What a great time!  

Cleveland looked wonderful yesterday, with the Rock Hall and Science Center, plus the Taste of Cleveland and the Air Show going on-there were lots of people downtown!  This is also the 15th anniversary of the opening of the Rock Hall, so I was full of nostalgia for that glorious week that my mom, Lisa, Hallie and I spent downtown back in 1995.  We hung out at the Renaissance Hotel and got to meet all sorts of interesting people (Chuck Berry, IM Pei, Iggy Pop, Little Richard, James Brown), we attended the ribbon cutting ceremony and parade, and the Concert for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!  OMG!  I was in heaven all week long!  So much fun.  I want to watch that wonderful 7 hour long concert again. The one that my Mom trekked all the way across town to get the cable box for because we did not have HBO (which she promptly returned that Monday morning).  I want to get that concert transferred to DVD.  

Why is it that that concert is not more celebrated?  It was a gathering of some of the best musicians from all genres and decades of music, but we hardly hear anything about it.  I believe it is because it took place in Cleveland and people have a tendency to write off Cleveland too quickly.  Cleveland is a wonderful center for culture and arts and should be more celebrated for its diversity.  I love this city.  

Aside from the 2.5 hour wait at MELT, we had a nice meal.  I am happy that this restuarant is so successful and I am sure the recognition from being on "Man vs. Food" has helped, but I am not in any rush to get back there. Mike and I have decided that the next time we want food from MELT, we are going to do takeout.  That only takes and hour vs. the 2-3 hour wait for a table.    

Anyway, yesterday was a lot of fun, and I am glad we got to spend it with great friends like Tina and Grant.  Today, Mike and I are going to the Taste of Cleveland for some food and to see TRAIN with Jen and Dogan.  Hopefully the rain will hold off.  

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Aug. 17th, 2010

10:00 pm - Ouch!

I did a number on my finger while washing dishes tonight.  Reached down into the dishpan and hack!  Took a nice chunk of skin out of my ring finger.  This just adds to the growing list of my clumsiness this week!  Hit my head, my knees, my toes...

I am beat, and it is only Tuesday.  And I took yesterday off, so I have no reason to be tired.

Oh well.  Off to watch Hoarders: Buried Alive. 

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Aug. 11th, 2010

10:09 pm - It's Been a While...

 I have not written in here in a long, long time.  I almost forgot I had this journal.  So much has changed in the last few years.  I have a career, I lost 50lbs, gained 50lbs back, got married, have a house, and a new puppy...life is good!  Very, very good!

Currently, my hubby and I are big into hanging out with friends and family, traveling, reading, watching TV and playing with our Molly.  

I want to take up this journal again in order to keep my sanity.  For some reason, I have never been able to keep a traditional journal.  I have plenty of notebooks and diaries started, but left unfinished.  Yet, I have the desire to write, so I am going to give this a try again.

We are watching Man Vs. Food right now, and I have a huge desire to go to Kansas City for fried chicken!  Damn, that looks good!  Although, right now, what Adam is about to eat for his challenge is, by far, the most glutenous looking thing I have seen!  I don't care who you are, that is way too much meat.  Yuk!

Ah well, time for bed.


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Oct. 13th, 2005

10:13 pm - LOST...and other stuff.

I am totally hooked! I never had the time to watch it last season, and didn't care too much to even see it. So, after listening to everyone from friends and relatives to complete strangers talk about how much they love it, I went out and rented the first two discs, just to get a feel for it. I AM HOOKED! Lisa and I can't stop watching it. We have not finished the first season, yet, because we are too busy, so we have been taping the second season to watch after we catch up.
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Sep. 12th, 2005

11:04 pm - Scarey

Yesterday I was videotaping the doxie race for Rob and Erin, and we were cheering Dixie on...she veered to the left and sniffed along the fence with another doxie, showing a complete lack of interest in the race...and when we played the tape back, it scared me just how much I sound like my mom! People would always get my mom, sis and I confused on the phone, but I never really realized it until yesterday. It's kinda nice, in a way.

The White Stripes show is on Wednesday! I am excited! A friend of mine has seen them and says they are really great live...I have to take his word on it because he has good taste in music. Get Behind Me Satan is a really great album, too...I play it all of the time.

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Sep. 8th, 2005

09:40 am - So tired...

I am exhausted! I have had to be at work at 8 all this week, which shouldn't be a big deal, but it is killing me. I am so tired! That combined with all my workout classes, and I feel like I could sleep for a week!

I am so jealous...both dogs are sound asleep here in the office. Dixie curled up on Rob's chair and Penny is sprawled over the entire couch. They have the life! I am forgoing lunch for a nap.

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Current Music: The sound of little Dixie snores...and Seether's "Remedy"

Aug. 28th, 2005

11:22 pm - Rufus, Chuck, Chuck, Rufus...

OMG-how awful were the VMAs tonight! Worst of all was R. Kelly...what the hell was that?!?! Aww, man...

The best part was Green Day opening the show...they sounded great and just rocked! Mariah Carey was really great, too. That was about it. Aside from Green Day and Missy Elliot sweeping (and rightly so) the show sucked. Diddy was annoying, too. Just terrible. And of course, the after show hosts are just raving about how great it was.

Dixie has to go back home tomorrow:-( Right now, she is wrapped up in my blankets, asleep. She is so damn cute! My own dogs don't even bond with me this much. They are so jealous, though, so they will be happy when she leaves tomorrow morning.

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