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A Day In The Life...

...of me.

22 March
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50s and 60s music, al green, alan rickman, american dreams, angela's ashes, ani difranco, animals, art, artsy guys, austria, bars, baseball, billie holiday, black and tans, bluegrass, canada, cape spear, captain tractor, cate blanchette, ccr, celtic music, celtic things, chick flicks, christmas, cleveland indians, coffee, colin firth, comedy, concerts, dave matthews band, david gray, dogs, drag queens, england, english actors, european history, fag hags, film, flogging molly, folk, food, football, frank mccourt, gaelic storm, gay men, george harrison, germany, gordie sampson, great big sea, guster, halloween, harp, harry potter, hip-hop, hockey, holidays, hopeless romantics, howie day, ireland, irish catholics, irish pubs, italy, jackopierce, janis joplin, joaquin phoenix, john fogerty, john lennon, john mayer, joseph fiennes, jude law, kate winslet, lenny kravitz, loretta lynn, mad tv, madonna, malachy mccourt, marilyn monroe, medieval history, melissa etheridge, mike myers, monty python, movies, museums, music, music history, my job, my sense of humor, natalie macmaster, newfoundland, old country music, paul bettany, paul mccartney, phil spector, phish, photography, poe, poetry, pop art, pubs, rap, reading, record players, renaissance, ringo starr, road trips, rocky horror, roger hoover, roots traditional, sarah harmer, saturday night live, saw doctors, scotland, shakespeare, sons of maxwell, tea, the barenaked ladies, the beach boys, the beatles, the blues, the daily show, the damnwells, the doors, the prodigals, the punters, the push stars, the rock hall, the whiskeyhounds, the white stripes, tom petty, toronto, traveling, us history, vinyl records, woodstock, writing, writing poetry, writing songs