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Yum... - A Day In The Life...

Nov. 13th, 2010

11:46 pm - Yum...

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 I am so stuffed!  Mike and I went to Bravo with Hallie, Colleen, Ami & Brian, Ken & Sarah and Tony & Annie, and ate to our heart's content.  Much to the dismay of my tummy.  It needs pumped.  But it was good.  I love Italian food!  And since we were celebrating three birthdays (Hallie's, Colleen's and Mike's), we made sure to get desserts!  I got the pumpkin creme brulee...yummy!!!  

All this fine Italian food makes me long for our vacation next summer.  I have only been to Italy once, but it made such a lasting impression on me that I cannot wait to go back.  The food is amazing and so much better than American-Italian food, you can't even compare the two.  Of course, the scenery is beautiful, but the food is the star!

Along with Italy, we plan to go to Paris...although I am not crazy about French food, I cannot wait to try the wine!  And all of their pastries and breads.  OMG, I wish July would hurry up and get here already!!!

Anyway, I logged on to write about Molly, but the topic of food took over.

Molly is so adorable, but she is scared to death of our new neighbors.  That is to say, the two little boys.  She is not used to little people, and has not seen many in her nine short months on earth.  So every time she is outside and they come out, she barks and then plasters herself against the backdoor to come in.  Poor thing.  I think I should introduce Molly and the boys, and hopefully she won't be as scared when they are out playing in their backyard next time.  

My cold is breaking up, but I have this nagging cough setting in.  Hopefully it will be gone by Monday...I don't want to have it for work. Between me and the smokers, it will sound like the TB Ward on the 4th floor.  

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