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Good Times! - A Day In The Life...

Sep. 5th, 2010

12:16 pm - Good Times!

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Grant and Tina came up from Columbus yesterday to go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and MELT with us.  What a great time!  

Cleveland looked wonderful yesterday, with the Rock Hall and Science Center, plus the Taste of Cleveland and the Air Show going on-there were lots of people downtown!  This is also the 15th anniversary of the opening of the Rock Hall, so I was full of nostalgia for that glorious week that my mom, Lisa, Hallie and I spent downtown back in 1995.  We hung out at the Renaissance Hotel and got to meet all sorts of interesting people (Chuck Berry, IM Pei, Iggy Pop, Little Richard, James Brown), we attended the ribbon cutting ceremony and parade, and the Concert for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!  OMG!  I was in heaven all week long!  So much fun.  I want to watch that wonderful 7 hour long concert again. The one that my Mom trekked all the way across town to get the cable box for because we did not have HBO (which she promptly returned that Monday morning).  I want to get that concert transferred to DVD.  

Why is it that that concert is not more celebrated?  It was a gathering of some of the best musicians from all genres and decades of music, but we hardly hear anything about it.  I believe it is because it took place in Cleveland and people have a tendency to write off Cleveland too quickly.  Cleveland is a wonderful center for culture and arts and should be more celebrated for its diversity.  I love this city.  

Aside from the 2.5 hour wait at MELT, we had a nice meal.  I am happy that this restuarant is so successful and I am sure the recognition from being on "Man vs. Food" has helped, but I am not in any rush to get back there. Mike and I have decided that the next time we want food from MELT, we are going to do takeout.  That only takes and hour vs. the 2-3 hour wait for a table.    

Anyway, yesterday was a lot of fun, and I am glad we got to spend it with great friends like Tina and Grant.  Today, Mike and I are going to the Taste of Cleveland for some food and to see TRAIN with Jen and Dogan.  Hopefully the rain will hold off.  

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