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Rufus, Chuck, Chuck, Rufus... - A Day In The Life...

Aug. 28th, 2005

11:22 pm - Rufus, Chuck, Chuck, Rufus...

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OMG-how awful were the VMAs tonight! Worst of all was R. Kelly...what the hell was that?!?! Aww, man...

The best part was Green Day opening the show...they sounded great and just rocked! Mariah Carey was really great, too. That was about it. Aside from Green Day and Missy Elliot sweeping (and rightly so) the show sucked. Diddy was annoying, too. Just terrible. And of course, the after show hosts are just raving about how great it was.

Dixie has to go back home tomorrow:-( Right now, she is wrapped up in my blankets, asleep. She is so damn cute! My own dogs don't even bond with me this much. They are so jealous, though, so they will be happy when she leaves tomorrow morning.

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